Comodo IceDragon against Dragon

I don’t know what is it between IceDragon & Dragon.

But I seem to have hardly any problems with IceDragon, but I get problems with Dragon when it comes to Flash & other things. I often get a pop up saying error and unknown crashed, plus sometimes I get Flash is Inresponsive and have crashed. So you have to press OK to reload page.

But with IceDragon I’m getting non of that which is strange.

I just thought I put that out there.

So it can be followed and to understand what the fault can be.



Hi Nige_39,
I am not sure if to send this to CD help or not.
From my personal experience I have found IceDragon to be a little more suited to slightly lower spec systems.

I personally have a soft spot for Dragon and even though I have seen some recent flash issues, I have been fortunate enough not to of had any myself.

Thanks captainsticks,

I have not posted the issue to to CD Help.

So I best copy and paste it in there. ?

I have been using Dragon for a long while, and it is a great browser.

But I just thought I try Ice Dragon for the 2nd time since it’s been out, and it seems to work better! Not just that but for some of the Ad-dons Like Ghostery it works better in Ice than it does in Dragon.

So I’m just trying things at the moment. I still have the Latest Dragon installed, and all is great apart from the Unknown plugin issues and Flash player/Shock wave player.

edit: Fixed Spelling mistake

Considering the issues are with Dragon and IceDragon was used only as a comparison, I will move this topic to Dragon help for you. :slight_smile:

When Flash crashes, try the same site with your extensions disabled or in Incognito mode which will disable your extensions unless set to run in Incognito.

Thanks again captainsticks,

I will look into that, and see how much better it is.

Kind Regards