Comodo IceDragon released

Comodo has released IceDragon v


  • Codebase has been updated to version 49.
  • To help improve PC security for all users Comodo Ice Dragon now offers CCAV post installation/update.
  • Applied a fix for unquoted service path issue. Many thanks to Yunus YILDIRIM, CT-Zer0 Team for identifying this issue.

You can download the latest version here:

File Hashes:
MD5: D8138E0079F5688ABC4067E6464B9629
SHA-1: 8A35C782CD01C7965F633A514DFC07C8A3BF6410

Please, is it too much to ask for a link to the offline installer on the main site and/or, at least, a link here in the forums.


Link to the offline installer is in the EricJH’s post above yours.

After the browser has automatically updated to a new version of CID, I got this message =>

If I click to Choose What I Share button, only Options => Advanced (about:preferences#advanced) has been opened in a new tab.
So, my question is, where can I disable sending any data to Comodo Inc.?

Like I said, it wasn’t the offline installer. See this post and the couple afterwards to see that this is a recurring issue.

Sorry, my friend, I didn’t see those posts.

Comodo is notoriously behind with updating the url’s of the browsers on the pages of the Comodo website. Until further notice I suggest to use the download links from the forums.

Comodo is notoriously behind with updating the url’s of the browsers on the pages of the Comodo website and the forums” is correct. Happened to me twice now as you know from personal experience. Perhaps it would be a good idea to adjust your posts’ text to reflect that it’s only the helper file at first, then adjust it to how it is now when, and only when, you are sure that the link has been updated and everyone is getting the offline installer.

When I opened this topic the off line installer was available from the url in the topic start. Did you get the on line installer after this topic got opened?

Yup, and for a good while after.

Your behind what is called the “The great firewall of China”. That can cause problems according to admins. I have sent a pm to one of them about it. But since it is almost weekend I do not expect a response until after it.

I got word from Ed:

If he can download the installer, and is only having problems with the online-installation process, then yes, it’s most likely a firewall issue. But yes, a wget, at the time the problem is occurring, is always helpful so we know which mirror the person is communicating with.

When the problem occurs again in the future he wants you to run a test using wget. Get the wget binary from: GNU Wget 1.21.3 for Windows . Run a command prompt from the folder where you put wget.exe or wget64.exe. Depening on whether you’re using a 32 or 64 bits version of Windows run:


I can download the ‘installer’, but as I mentioned before, my problem is that when I click on the link posted in the forum, the Comodo servers serve me the wrong file (the 283kB icedragonsetup.exe as opposed to the full installer) every single time they release a new version!

It serves me the the offline installer anywhere from a few hours to a day after you post your link. I have only ever posted here that I have problems with the file sent by your servers but hey, I’m just repeating myself again… 88)

Second, I never ever use the online installation. Not only because a) I want a backup of the full installer b) I have other machines where I prefer to install it manually and c) it’s a feature that’s basically designed for noobs and is prone to problems (as we see here) and possible hacking/exploitation due to vulnerabilities with the FF code (look at the FF list of security vulnerabilities and you will find multiple instances where the ‘Maintenance Service’ cough cough has been prone to exploits.

And lastly, as I mentioned above, I haven’t experienced any problems with the DLL issue because problems were identified and reported here before I went to install it. I’m going to wait until the next release of CID (which hopefully won’t be too far away).

We are talking about the same problem. The problem where you get the on line installer during a windows of several hours instead of the off line installer. That is why Ed wants to get the wget output when you get the on line installer again with the next update of CID. He wants to see what mirror is serving you the on line installer where the off line installer should be served.

Sorry, but it seemed to me to be pretty clear that when he said "If he can download the installer, and is only having problems with the online-installation process, it meant that I had to be using the online installer (and it would stop, fail or encounter some other kind of error), hence not relevant in my case.

And yes, of course the firewall would be an issue if I was using the the online installer / doing an online-installation as the helper file would need to initiate one or more outgoing connections (which would either be blocked or approved by whatever firewall I was using) to download the file(s)/data needed to complete the install.

Regardless of what was written, I see how the wget would be of use though as you guys need to know which load balancer is serving me the wrong file. What I don’t understand is why your setup can’t just serve the offline package which is requested through the subdomain or the particular URL http :// download .comodo .com / icedragon / update* / icedragonsetup.exe (whichever you are using at the time).

  • Forum link has this as extra
    Surely any request to that specific URL would get served only one particular file. Not rocket science. Seems your redirects are ■■■■■■■ up.

If I have the time I will do the wget for you next time round if it so happens that I get to the forums before your redirects fix themselves.

I asked Ed for further clarification.

As to your question about problems with the load balancer. As stated before it is likely a problem with the Great Firewall of China. I have been in contact Ed several times before about other situations with downloads from China and from what I understand China is known to cause problems like this from time to time because of how it interferes with internet traffic.

Comodo IceDragon Version is Released!

Just inform to you mods, maybe you will like to create a new release topic.


Topic locked as new version has been released.