Comodo Ice Dragon v57.0.0.11 Beta is now available for download

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Ice Dragon v57.0.0.11 Beta.


  • Updated to Firefox Quantum 57 codebase.
    New features
  • Improved EV certificate notification;
  • Improved verification for secure certificates;
  • Added security addon Web Inspector (

Known issues:
-After install, IceDragon will need a restart.


Comodo Ice Dragon v57.0.0.11 Beta can be downloaded from:


md5: c13e3d38562c07b08dc8ec686ac5450a

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

Thank you very much

Merry Christmas Andrei and thank you. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe my eyes! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas you all. It’s just like a new year present.


This is really great news. I had starting using the new Firefox 57, but was continually encountering problems. I installed the beta, copied the Firefox profile over and Icedragon runs so much better! Thank you so much for making this available. I’ve used Icedragon for years and using Firefox for a few months was a really bad move of mine. Thanks again. :wink:

Why is the name for the downloadable file for the ‘beta’ edition or version, icedragonsetup.exe? This is the same name as the current stable version 52. The naming as the same does not seem good to do. (I wish to try this beta version hoping it will/would be better than version 52 Ice Dragon.)

One question about this other than the confusion in the setup file name, can we unpack both portable forms of Ice Dragon on the same computer? I already have portable stable version 52 of Ice Dragon; and I might like to try beta version 57 of Ice Dragon, on the same computer. Good to do or not good to do? BOTH as portable.

Hi string_game,

You can use as many portable versions as you want, even different versions of the browser, each has it’s own user data folder so profiles are not shared. The only limitation is if you open both versions at the same time only the one you opened first will be in use. Just be careful when you install to not do that in the same path as the old portable.

The Comodo Browsers team.

Hi there,

I have installed the beta version 57.0.1 and it crashing on a regular basis (Specially when I am on Facebook and/or Ebay).
It gives me the option that I can restore the sessions, but there is no option to report the crash, so it can be investigated by you.

Best Regards,

Can you check if the crash was logged in c:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps? (%username% means you will see a name at that place.

If there is a crash log please zip it and attach to a post.

How to attach a file? At the forum push the reply button. Or when using the Quick reply type some text and push the preview button.

Underneath the text box click on Additional options. Push the Choose button and navigate to the file and select it. When you want to post more images click on the more attachments link.

When done typing push the Post or Preview button.

Hi EricJH,

please find attached the file of approx. 1 hour ago.
Looking forward to hear from you!


Thank you. It is now up to Comodo to look into it and to fix it.

:-TU I assume you don’t need a new dump when it happens again?

Until further notice that is what I assume unless a Comodo employee would request other as well. Usually it is the same crash happening over and over again.


Any news on a RC or a final release ?

Comodo IceDragon v57.0.4 is now available for download