Comodo Ice Dragon personas theme by vn9586


I’ve just discovered a CID personas theme by AMO user vn9586. It’s utterly simple: Comodo IceDragon X is a black background theme with the CID logo anchored to the top right corner of the web browser’s window.

It’s so simple that I was thinking this could easily become the “official” IceDragon theme by default. What do you think about this?

Best regards,

As all gloomy.
I feel like I’m in mourning. :smiley:
Why such a big badge?
Color needed softer.
Hurts the eyes. You can plant a vision.

Edit: I think in IceDragon do not need a color change.
If just add the badge where the menu bar.
But it is not such big.
It is necessary to eliminate small errors. Which have not eliminated after update.