Comodo Ice Dragon complaint's and solution's.

Hey so my main concern with Ice Dragon Comodo, is my bookmark’s. I have many many bookmark’s, and folder’s. Let me give you an idea. My booksmarks have turn into folder’s, 1st folder is goverment/orginizations all around the world, this probably is around 300 site’s I try to organize that by continent. 2nd folder is Stream site’s like youtube,netflix and probably 20 other’s not many.3rd folder is where is starts to fall apart my New’s folder, probably around 300 site’s. I also got and Shop folder, education foler, interests folder and computer folder.

What helps is a tool called Roomy bookmarks toolbar, this makes only Icons appear instead of the name’s of websites. What I wanna see is a Comodo surfing tool. Let’s think about this for a second, everytime I wanna see a website I have to click on the folder and then click on the website, this get repetitive. Especially if I am reading 300 new’s site’s a day, what I can do is right click on the folder and open all but this eats my internet bandwith and slows my computer down. I need a “Comodo Surfer tool”.

Comodo Surfer Tool

The comodo surfer tool could help me surf the web more efficiently, maybe I could rate a website or even rate an article.
What the comodo surfer tool is, is an arrow going back or forth so I don’t have to click on my folder’s I can now surf the web based on my bookmark’s like you do at home with your t.v.

How could this help comodo? how could this make comodo money?
Maybe comodo could use my rating system and recommend website’s based on what I like, or recommend anything based on what I like.

Please you dont need to make a big thing out of this but maybe you can. Clicking on my bookmark folder’s and then clickig on my 300 website’s just in one folder is slowing my reading ability down dramatically. I like to surf the internet fast and efficently I dont care if I comprehend anything I let it sit in the back of my mind and let my sub conscious figure it out.

Do this make surfing my bookmarks easier then ever, I think its a great idea might not take much code at all to do. Simple, easy and your making me more efficient to become more smarter.

Good weekend to you wonderful people at comodo and I thankyou for taking the time to read idea.