Comodo Ice Dragon blurry

I tried to use ID but I got a blurry unseeable something. Every font is fully blured, pictures and the ID menus, icons too. So everything is a big blurred something.

Hi Wezli,
Do you have any out of the ordinary add-ons installed?

Any chance of screenshots of these blurs?

I dont install any add on, tried to uninstall and reinstall, but same issue. Here’s a screenshot
Mod edit: Fixed link to image, Captainsticks.

If you’re running Windows 7, did you install the recent platform update (KB2670838) and IE10? If so, that may be your problem, as it’s known to cause these problems, for some users with certain graphics cards, on Mozilla based browsers:

Bug 812695 - Bugzilla - Mozilla

No IE10 on my system, and I didnt install the KB… pack what you mentioned ( I checked that)

Hi Wezli,
I am not sure what is happening, sorry.
I can see that it is not confined to a page but rather the whole browser.
It does appear as if anything using Flash is the clearest on the screen.
Have you tried the portable version, this will not interfere with your installed version?
Select portable during install, in step 2
Let us hope someone has some ideas.

Try it.

about:config true

Change false

Restart the browser.

P.S. Portable all OK.

I tried but nothing happend :frowning:

Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration under options?

Look at these options.
about: config

gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled =
gfx.direct2d.disabled = ( it is default— true )
gfx.use_text_smoothing_setting =

THX Jenny!
Thats solved the problem!