Comodo Ice Dragon Released.

This is getting annoying, hence why I haven’t checked for an update until now. I already updated the microsoft C++ file when I manually installed 49.
Please…Comodo, just make the installation and update for Icedragon like ANY other firefox. I do not have this problem with any other program I have tried to install.

CID is getting a little old now Firefox 53.0 as been out for some time and Firefox 54.0 Beta 1 is in the works
is there any new CID on its way :-TU

I do the same question to myself

Hi Guys,

Yes we have guys working on this release right now.

I’ll update you when I have some idea of dates.


Thanks for the update Shane

Thank you, we wait impatient. :slight_smile:

Nice to see update is on its way, soon, will it be 53.0 (:CLP)

Any news on when this latest CID update, its been some time now on this 50.02
some sites are showing , " your browser is incompatible with this site update your browser"

They released today. :frowning:

Only core updates…no fixes or any other new feature (security features especially) :-X

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