Comodo Ice Dragon 32 or 64bit Question?.

Is Comodo Ice Dragon a 32 or 64bit browser and how simple is it to import bookmarks from another browser. Reason I ask is that I installed the 64bit version of Firefox Quantum and it imported my bookmarks just fine, but forgot the folders leaving me with 100’s of single line entries in a long column. I did this firstly from an exported HTML file from my present Pale Moon 64bit browser and after I had deleted all the entries (it took ages) I used the import from another browser option and imported from Microsoft Edge with exactly the same result which resulted in me completely uninstalling Firefox Quantum from my Win10 system. Pale Moon my first choice browser for years seems to be very resource intensive the last while plus more and more add-ons are becoming incompatable so am on the hunt for a new 64bit browser to try out.

While their Internet Security is available in 64-bit, the version of Comodo Dragon installed by it and the version of Comodo IceDragon available on their site are both 32-bit.

Thank you for that.