Comodo.I.S really the best!

I bought norton security for £50 (in UK for 3 computers). 3 weeks later, I downloaded a software from the internet, scanned it with norton antivirus and it was clean.

Clicking the program, my computer got frozen. I managed to run task manager and I saw CPU and memory usage at the highest level. I tried to scan with norton antivirus several times, including in safe mode but one thing that kept on happening was that the scanning stops and gets frozen whenever it tries to start. I updated it and tried again but same thing happened.

I went to school the nest day and told my mate and he recommended Comodo and other software.


Guess what! My computer is now clean. Good job COMODO! thnx

Thank you for that mini4me, we really appreciate the kind words.

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yeah ,comodo is my favorite!

i’m using free firewall + antivirus of comodo. There are problems I notice only comodo has: After running a live update, the computer needs to be restarted to be updated. When the firewall detect a running program, I tick Remember my answer, but it keeps asking about it for many times later. Besides, it detects all my harmless programs coded by AutoIT and I have to manually add them to trusted list.

I’ve been into internet security for a long time, using different antiviruses and firewalls along with the other security software but have always had what seemed to be compatibility issues with networking programs, each and every time needing to tweak and set/reset options for several hours. I happened to see an article about this years Comodo IS and thought to try it out, even though i had tried last years Comodo and had some mediocre issues.
This time after a brief installation i started my usual programs, allowed the prompted connections and for my BIG surprise everything worked perfectly without any more tweaking, which is a first time for me and I’ve used/tested over 10 different firewalls/security combinations during the last 12 months, all highly ranked in tests and recommended as very simple, or “light-weight”, or “user-friendly”. Some of them worked pretty well but opened ports never stayed open and defining some other security options was problematic. Then of course there’s the slowdown issue which can only be resolved by system restore, in one case not even with that.
In Comodos case I can only say I have probably found my program. Im trying out the Free version at the moment but will gladly buy the Pro-version pretty soon if the Free one continues to work as well as it has so far, the only problem being that Comodo cant find any updates even though it says the virus database is out of date.
Otherwise, thank you Comodo, you’ve really made my work a lot easier.

are you sure ?

Hey people, that’s my first post here, so… i SHOULD SPAM! >:-D ;D
Naah I really can’t give that big THANKS to everyone in the community !
I’ve been using ComodoIS for a year (I guess) and dang I should say that it works PERFECT. Really perfect, I’ve been using it to my home PC, to my laptop, on different OSes (I also recommended it to some friends, who started loving ya as I did) and I also made really strong tests to it and I can tell you that it passes 99.99999% of them.
I find Comodo great because of the all personalizing options that look simple and clean but are also so strong (in second look) that I can’t eaven imagine how does it works with these millions of connections and requests /per minute/ with no resources costs.
That may seem ‘lame’ for you all people, but note that before telling this to you all I’ve been experiencing lots of different software combining (or not) firewalls, anti-virus engines and all others related as ‘protection’ systems, and dang I’m really disappointed of almost all of them (including Agnitum Firewall, and almost EVERY antivir software and/or firewall. In the most cases I had to ■■■■■ (steal or something) them to make em work, but with no luck… in a moment something seems good, tomorrow it’s all messed up and ready for Uninstall and also Format the entire OS because of all it’s own rules (that some people pay for) and configs that 'would work best on ‘any systems’ eaven ruling almost every packet and file r/w request :<
So I found the CiS best security EVER … and after I saw it’s completely FREE and explored the TreatCastCommunity option I fell in loved with it!!!
The motto “Creating trust online” is great because I really trust you and really can sleep great without wondering ‘hmm should it disable one of my connections till I sleep’ or ‘should it scan the entire system and take all my ‘viruses’ (cracks, etc) out’ because somebody paid for it :confused: (like the most “giants” in the industry, who I found as fuc%$&#full do!)
I promise I will help you all with whatever I can (like you do to me)… and excusing my BAD English I hope we make a lifetime friendship based on trust, respecting and caring each-other ! (like I feel you right now)

Thank you Maneff (CLY) !


I 3 years used on the personal computer antivirus NOD 32 without a fireproof wall. But here has learned about COMODO and has decided it to try… Has loaded FREE the version and has left at инсталяции only a fireproof wall without an antivirus as till now costs still NOD 32 and the good fireproof wall was necessary to me only. All installation has passed very well! I liked adjustments of the program! All well clearly and conveniently! Still very much it was pleasant, that the version in Russian, as I from Russia. Works COMODO perfectly, any conflicts to other programs so while I receive only pleasure from the given program, feeling as it protects my computer! Why only at us in Russia I do not meet your programs in shops or even simply there is no such active advertising??? It would be necessary that more people knew about your product! Брандмауер very much it is pleasant to me, it is interesting to learn your antivirus is how much good? Then it would be possible to pass completely to your complete set. First Free, and it is then possible and PRO. I so think, that many in Russia so would make… But it is necessary More about itself here to tell… Thanks for your product while I receive only pleasure of that it protects my computer and I am quiet… Updatings come without problems… Thanks!


Here is a video you should watch…relevant to your experience with Norton.

Video 1 Comodo vs Norton 2011 Editions Test 2 Video 1 - YouTube

Video 2 Comodo vs. Norton 2011 Editions Test 2 Video 2 - YouTube


If he was not your best mate he should be now. Kind regards