COMODO I.S. has the ability to block the download of programs (executables)

Hi all.

I was experimenting something today and I hope my findings could benefit some of you who are using CIS / CFW
and for some reasons want to block the download of any program on the internet, for policies/security reasons.

Before doing this, make sure you password protect COMODO settings and create a standard user account.
In this case let’s assume the user’s name is TEST

  1. Open COMODO advanced settings
  2. Security Settings → Firewall → Website Filtering
  3. Under Category, create a new category (in this case TEST)
    Right Click the category you just created - Add - add website
    * insert, one at a time: " .exe ", " .exe* " , " *exe "
  4. Under Rules: select Add from the bottom
  5. Insert any name in the dialog that is displayed (up in the dialog box)
  6. in Categories, Add the category that you created in step 3) - TEST
    8 ) also in Categories, add the following: Phishing Sites, Malware Sites AND the category name you created in step 3) - TEST in this case
  7. in Restrictions, click Add - a window will appear
  8. find the user that you have created (in this case, the standard user we created first of all, named TEST)
  9. Click OK and you are all set.

From now, COMODO should block(almost) any attempt to download executables form the internet, under any browser - under that user account only !!! (in this case TEST)

I hope the explanation was not too complex (although I think it is)… so if you are interested in finding out more, I will try to provide more

Have an amazing weekend all!!