Comodo Huge Problem With UTorrent

Hello every time i open a .torrent either from magnet link or downloaded torrent comodo picks a .tmp file as heur.packed.Im using comodo internet security 6.3 and windows 8.1.Heuristic is set to high.Why is this happening?

Have you tried to set Heur to low (default) for trying to replicate this issue ?

Well it was set to normal not to high as i wrote in my first post.After setting heuristic to low problem is gone.Dumb me.Thanks spywar and someone remove huge from title not so huge after all ;D

No problem,

You’re welcome.

Try medium, I have mine on it and am not seeing the detections.

I get the same thing with uTorrent temp files triggering AV alerts.

I discovered that quarantining them seems to have no effect whatsoever on the uTorrent or its downloads/uploads.