Comodo Hips Settings

Hello Comodo,

I have been using Comodo FW Pro for over six months now. I thought I would give the antivirus a try. Everything installed smoothly its really a nice program. The problem I am having is with the hips portion. I try to go into the hips manage allow/block list section, upon clicking it the screen pops up and stays up for a few seconds then the application closes. I was wondering if someone could help me on this issue. Thanks in advanced.

Hey falluja!

It could be a bug- You can disable the HIPS for now, And then upgrade to CAV3 when it is released as a beta soon. That’s the only advice I have because CAV2 Development has stopped, hence it never reached a production release.


Alright thanks I will do that and wait for CAVS 3

Hey falluja…Welcome

Check out this thread.



Thanks for pointing out the thread. Comodo has top notch quality of software. I went back to Avira the free edition. I will install CAV 3 when it comes out, I am eager to try it.