Comodo highjacks Chrome start page

Either during a reinstall or during an update, Comodo changed the start page I’d set in Google Chrome browser to: Yahoo Australia | News, email and search.
Possibly, the referrer tag on the end of the address is to get paid kickbacks from Yahoo, at my operational expense.

I was on the verge of sending this underhanded, weasel suite straight to Hell (my trust in it has just taken a massive hit - of Biblical proportions - especially since it’s supposed to be security software!) but thought I might check to see if there’s any setting or whatever that will prevent this scam in future installs or upgrades?


During install there is an option that says something along the line of “Help Comodo by allowing it to change your homepages to…”. This is checked by default. Thus, I’m assuming you missed this box and this is how your homepage was changed.

That said, I don’t like that this option is opt-out, but as a volunteer Moderator there is nothing I can do about that. Thus, the only advice I can give is to be very careful about pre-checked boxes with free software. These days nearly all try to bundle something else with it.

Ah, thanks for your measured and restrained reply, Chiron.
Usually I do check that with free stuff but I pay for Comodo.

Anyway, now I know it’s a case of “who will watch the Watchers?”


Thanks again.

Until now I was not aware that the paid version comes with this as well. I’m sorry to hear that, as it doesn’t make much sense to me to ask users who are paying for it to change their home page. I’ll contact staff and see if there is anything which can be done about this.