Comodo have a Virus Specialists team?

I searched in some places in Comodo website but I can`t found information about Comodo Virus Specialists Team, like AVERT from McAfee.

I think if Comodo starts a anti vírus application development it needs a Security Response Team. Or already have?

I believe, though I can’t confirm this as I don’t work for Comodo, that Comodo are in touch with several of the industry’s virus monitoring/warning groups. It’d make sense and Comodo don’t seem to have made too many bloopers to date. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Indeed we do.

Its not as big as I want it to be, but this will change :slight_smile:



I`m currently spreading Comodo products to my friends and job partners…

Never stop! (L)

McAfee’s AVERT is just a fancy name for team thats included in EVERY antivirus company. There is NO antivirus company without virus analysts.

Yes, I know…

But I want to know if Comodo already have a Security Response Team.
Melih brilliantly answer my question

You’re not reading my words…
If they update virus definitions, they already HAVE the security response team or whatever you want to call it…

Or Comodo have a partnership with any AV company…

But now I know. Thanks anyway