Comodo has the best detection!

You only deserve the BEST!

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One source is not enough. Plus like any AV’s Comodo has good and bad days.

When looking at the monthly stats Comodo is in second place. Also Comodo has moved up when looking at the 60 and 90 days stats.

That’s something worth noticing and something for Comodo to be proud of. Comodo is a young player in the AV market and this is another signal Comodo is growing stronger with detection.

Props to Igor and Daisy :-TU


its the best single engine product in the monthly stats. Gdata uses 2 different engines.

Thx. I overlooked that fact.

From this point of view Comodo AV is amazing. Maybe for the future in that case Comodo can use 2 AV engines? I think Comodo is one of the best AV’s in the security market today. It’s even overprotective at times.

Why would CIS use 2 engines when one is all it needs to be the best?

It’s not the best compared to 2 engine AV’s but it is at the top. Plus it will make it only better. Many have a view that future in AV world is all about having at least 2 engines. Can be argued.

Anu number of AV integrated cannot protect you.

Comodo AV’s is now one of the best & with other innovative features of CIS, absolutely no need of another AV. Its my opinion.

Not anymore ;D :o

I see KIS and avast! talking over Comodo AV :-[

Can be argued. Experts say otherwise in this field.

As I said good and bad days.

malwarekiller: Since when you are bothered about such tests and information? If I recall correctly, unless avast performs good, you will not consider those tests valid…

Anyways on a daily basis each vendor will have different results and you should know that by now…

Experts may not say 2 engines can protect you, they may say 2 engines may protect you little better.

Suppose Comodo licence BitDefender

Now if you see any comparison table.

Comodo - 85%
BD - 87%

The little benefit is 2%

The other day on the same comparison table may be
BD - 85%
Comodo - 87%

So no need of BD.

But you may say both may be detecting different malware so there is better protection.

Yes, but for me the difference may not be huge but little. Offcoz little better protection will be there coz of 2 different engines. But may also give probs.

And Comodo with innovative technologies & try to achieve more & more usability, in my opinion no need of any third party engine.

As Naren already stated, the detection improvement is negligible.
Considering you use default denial, it is not necessairy to think about detecting the different malware. More important is to protect yourself against it.
The impact on detection while running multiple antivirusscanners is, in my opinion, to low to spend your precious system recources on.

Of course when things go wrong and you need to cleanup, I can only encourage you using different antivirus engines. As a single engine will not detect all virusses and/or clean them up. Using multiple engines will help you with that.

So in short, for protection no, for cleanup yes :slight_smile:

no not really…thats not the truth…I would love comodo too in any case…since i am its user myself…and its performance matters for me and my PC’s security… :slight_smile:

daily one changes depending on files but monthly one is good

:love: though if it changes every month :wink: