Comodo has started to do weird things

I’m using Comodo (for the moment) with the McAfee proxy (part of their security center 7).

Many web pages work fine, but the following pages give me a blank page in Firefox and an error message in IE (page cannot be found, followed by it trying to load from my home page, which is ‘about:blank’): and

If I set Comodo to pass all, things work (in both Firefox and IE6)
If I turn off the McAfee proxy, (with Comodo set to normal) things work.

Nothing odd showing in the log.



I tried a reboot and things seem to have cleared up (ie the sites work now in IE6 and FF, with both the McAfee proxy and Comodo running normally, but it has me worried…

My instinct (honed by much alpha and beta testing over the past ten years) tells be to dump McAfee, and get separate spam, spyware and AV modules. Hmmm…


Um, your home page is “about:blank”? Did you deliberately do that (as it’s a sign of a malware infection by a CoolWebSearch hijack variant)?