COMODO has serious challenge from Privatefirewall!

COMODO may have some serious challenge from a program called Privatefirewall it is a free firewall and from what I have read everything Comodo use to be before version 4 but better.

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Care to add some facts/specs to this statement?

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Really??? How do you explain Privatefirewall’s poor 74% score and ‘not recommended’ rating on the most recent Matousec Proactive Security Challenge then???


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Guys, it’s probably best that I split this “PrivateFirewall” discussion into a separate topic. Otherwise people will think that MJR1 is trolling… and we can’t have that. :slight_smile:


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74% is not poor when you consider that most of the things tested by Matousec will never be encountered by the majority of people.

Since when? I’ve never seen anyone on any forum tout a 74% score on a computer security test as any where near acceptable. In fact in the past I’ve seen Comodo ruthlessly bashed for only scoring 95%…

Why does Comodo have a serious challenge from Privatefirewall? Can we some some facts please?

If MJR1 is "trolling"as it was pointed - that is a different story… could be the case :wink:

My answer to MJR1 - I don’t see any challenge whatsoever if we are talking about pure Comodo Firewall starting from the very, very beginning till

Sure the comments are actually is about HIPS ,… and the latter basically is not a part of Firewall strictly speaking, is it?. - No

Comodo’s Firewall v2 (the latest) is much stronger than PrivateFirewall… and if you look around in this and foreign language forums - many users are still using v2 (no HIPS) ; v 3.5 (!) & alike… and so on… having HIPS disabled.

Comodo Firewall is much stronger than PrivateFirewall… period!

(actually langy99 has a video review of PrivateFW - (the man is ■■■■ great job! as usual)
but that’s mainly about HIPS

do the test with “HIPS replacement” :smiley: surgery and you will see

Definitely the latest “sandbox” integration is pure ■■■■, that’s why many uses (include me to the list) are staying with 3.14 or disabling Comodo’s sandbox , which is not enough… or uninstalling CIS as a whole

… but there is no question - the PrivateFW can not be a challenger as a firewall compare to the strength of pure Comodo Firewall
(OA & Outpost are catching up though)


No ! I would disagree completely!

You can argue about his videos… and other stuff if you want …please do

but I don’t see that is “pimping”
Do I like all of’em - no, but it is a matter of presentation(s) that can be done better / sound clearer / etc.

At the same time I find his work very much OBJECTIVE there is no “fan-boy” talk compare to comments by some users here including moderators like Josh, who will post “Love Comodo” :ilovecomodo: alike comments without any technical basis to that

Sorry Josh, but I have to point that out :-*


AFAIK Languy installed and ran private firewall tests on the same day. :-TD it doesn’t work like that… for system anomaly detection the training must be on for several days…

I like to try new things. I give PrivateFirewall a run in this weekend. In fact two runs.
After both trials I give up and I’m back to CIS.

I must admit that I didn’t test it thoroughly or with patience but I don’t like it. For utorrent I just wanted to block Protocol 41 and not show it in logs during utorrent running and after closing utorrent I wanted to hide logging of all request to utorrent closed port. I can’t do that (or maybe I’m dumb, I don’t deny that ;D )

HIPS doesn’t remember my choices. I have PaleMoon launched from ObjectDock toolbar. It keeps asking me again and again that PaleMoon is launched via ObjectDock even I tick Remember my answer.

I have a lot of popups from HIPS for almost every unrecognized program.

I don’t deny that probably PrivateFirewall is a very good FW and HIPS but it doesn’t suit for my taste.

Back to CIS and everything is smooth and quiet. TBH I’m somehow scared. I’ve tried almost every free security software but in the end I’m back to CIS. I dunno why, maybe I’m old and I have habits and I cannot get used with anything else but CIS. :slight_smile:


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All that I read made PrivateFirewall easier as far as the lay out of things go you know the controls are easier to find.The interface of comodo could use a major face lift. I would use PrivateFirewall but for now they don’t support XP 64 Bit but they do support Vista and Windows 7 64 bit operating systems. But I like my XP 64 bit so I am stuck with comodo. The only free firewall that supports XP 64 bit. But if you are looking for 100 percent security it doesn’t exist. Even the US government with all there security gets hacked or information stolen. So get a firewall you can understand and keep away from sites that are not well known and don’t open e-mails you don’t know the person and you should be fine. But mostly don’t be foolish and put bank accounts numbers and credit card information on your computer. If you do sooner or later someone will probably get that information off your computer. Anyone really experience in computers will tell you the same thing don’t put anything on your personal computer that you don’t want everyone to know because if you do you will probably get burn sooner or later by someone smart enough to get around your so called security.

I’m fully aware of what people say in such forums but you have to realize that these are people who buy into the scare tactics and paranoia promoting activities of sites like Matousec. I repeat, a large part of the “threats” Matousec tests against will never be encountered by the vast majority of computer users. Some of them are purely theoretical and don’t even exist in the wild.

I am now using the Online Armor free firewall with all the HIPS functions disabled. It functions very well as a 2 way firewall for XP in that configuration and that’s all I really want. I want nothing to with HIPS or sandboxing and the attendant problems they cause with using games and other perfectly safe applications.

From what I’ve read over the last decade when it comes to personal computer security most people seem to prefer to err on the side of caution and have more protection than rather than less. Personally I have never been infected since installing the Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ HIPS which have replaced Windows Firewall, Windows Defender plus the nagging UAC so for me using Comodo so far has been 100% protection plus some great side benefits!


Quite so.

I’m using 3.14 (no D+ and no AV) MSE, and WOT.
Every time I’m not so sure I browse with Sandboxie.

The best protection is the user.

There should be a mandatory driving license before buying a PC.

Dch48 if you’re really happy with the latest Online Armor free firewall 8) ??? could you please update your sig below saying you have CIS 4.0 full (Firewall:Safe - D+:Clean PC - AV:Stateful - Sandbox:disabled) :wink:

Like I said before you can used a 2 way firewall (in & out) with D+ & sandboxes disable. :wink: just like Online Armor

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Heres great line from the OA forums.

The flamebait rule applies to other products too. We love it if you like OA. That doesn't mean our competitors need to be run down or mocked. They don't have to fail for us to succeed.

Really, From the start this wasn’t a really a good thread to start with - it was obviously going to be a flame war with an A vs B but you just took it to a whole new level.

Sure Kyle, post removed due to your request. Not that my intentions was to offend anyone - oh well.