COMODO has not removed the files identified in the scan [RESOLVED]

I had installed comodo firewall 3 today. After restarting, I scanned the system and comodo identified 17 files infected.

I am using ‘avast’ ‘AVG anti spyware’ ‘a2free’ ‘threat fire’ to scan the system. The files identified by comodo have not been identified by the other antivirus/antispyware so far.

I thought that comodo does a deeper scan and hence all the files identified by comodo and gave the command to delete them. I got the message that they have been deleted.

But to my surprise, I find that they are not deleted from the system. Have I missed something?

Kindly guide me.

Dont delete those files unless you know there bad. They could be false positives. Upload them here first.

Thanks. I will refer it to virus total. How do I find out if they are false positives. Since my other anti viruses have not identified them, I can take it as false positive.

Under what conditions the files will be deleted? Is there a way of quarantining them? I think that I should know about comodo 's usage. Can you suggest a good link for comodo user guide.


The user guide for Comodo is built into it. Go to Miscellaneous\Help. The malware scanner in Comodo is still new and if other scanners didnt find anything wrong then its probably a false positive. What are the files?

Hi pscraja.

The Scanner built in CFP 3 is only basic of CAV3 and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. As Vettetech said another possibility is a FP.

Anyway full blown CAV3 is coming soon.


Thank you all. I have sent the file to virus total and got the analysis. As you expected it is only FP.

Thank you once again.


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