Comodo GUI crashes


It is long time, since I last had troubles with the firewall :).

But I have some problems with Comodo GUI crashes.

First, it is a Windows Vista SP1, lastest security patches.

Kaspersky Antivirus 7, SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Comodo Firewall running. Sometimes, when I use my computer and want to open up the GUI, it cant. The tray animation still works, but the GUI is not responding to my click (right clicks, left clicks). Then im opening up the taskmanager and terminates cpf.exe. Then the trayanimation stops and the trayicon dissapears.

Im clicking at the icon again and it opens with the GUI. It works! The next 5-10 minutes it works, sometimes longer, somestimes shorter. But then it crashes again.

I have just made my Kaspersky in compability mode with problems there is using “self-proctection”. But before one of the new updates to Comodo Firewall, I didn’t have these problems.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best regards, Tesk

What version of Comodo are you using? KAV doesnt get along with alot of security soft either. Check there site. The list is huge.

I use the newest version of Comodo Firewall. Im installing the newest version af KAV at this moment. After I changed the setting en KAV, Comodos hasn’t crashed. I might think it is Kaspersky.

I will return with an answer :wink:

See here.

Thanks for the link - I modificed the setting under Filesystem.

Currently I have no troubles with the combo of the newest version of Comodo and KAV 2009.

I just try to test it against Eicar, to look if it catch anything :wink:

It has just crashed.

But is it everyone who has these troubles? Can you and Kaspersky Lab dosn’t figure out, how this can be solved? ;D