Comodo Group needs to get aggressive!


Have you submitted your producs to PC World magazine and PC Magazine

I have never seen Comodo featured in either. However, I do not have the time to read every issue so if you have already gone here excuse me.

You can have all the geeks in the world promoting [size=10pt]Comodo Firewall III[/size] but it will never get the exposure you are looking for.
I know you want everyone to associate the Comodo name with Trust and security on the internet. And by doing this you will make money off your other products.

Everybody has there sources which they rely upon for which products to use. Some it might be a particular forum or particular moderator where they get all there ideas. Others it is simply a word of mouth in the office or workplace. Then there are others who see adds iin magazines or reviews.

I can never see your company getting to where you want it to be without becoming more aggressive in its marketing exposure. And you are going to hae to go public someday. It is next to impossible to get where you want without being offered as an equity in the public stock market.

The only people that know the Comodo name are the online geeks etc. Which is important don’t get me wrong you need this specialty core group.

However, you need to access the mean/majority population, those who do not browse forums etc. There are many many users of the web who are clueless and simply rely on different magazines to get there ideas of which products to use. PC World has a readership of 4.8 Million and PC Magazine has a readership of 6.6 million and each and everyone of those 11.4 readers/potential Comodo users have friends and aqauintances which are also potential Comodo users.

You must get aggressive. I highly reccomend you do this and I gaurentee you will soon getting offers to buy your company. Which is a good thing in itself. I would not want to sell my company but if you have that kind of intrest that is a good thing. Ideally what you need is a partner that had the proper channels to get you the exposure you need. Marketing etc.

Here are the links for those two magazines. I am sure there are more PC/internet magazines out there. Put your marketing, department on it!,1895,1329748,00.asp

I want to see Comodo succeed, you have great products. This is the first and most important step. But it means nothing if only a few million people use it and 16K forum users promote it.
Get on your marketing department. Good job in developing a great product but that don’t mean dirt unless people are using it.

Worldwide Internet Population 2005: 1.08 billion
Projection for 2010: 1.8 billion


Preach it, brother! Preach it!!

Man am I SO ON BOARD with your comments, you can’t possibly believe it!

I even posted on a different forum (one of the others here in Melih’s Corner) suggesting the same thing.

They gotta get this stuff out there in the HUGEST WAY POSSIBLE if they want any kind of REAL FOOTPRINT with this stuff.

Assuming that Melih is really serious about eradicating all this crapware and bogus B.S. off the Internet - he’s gotta get with the program, do some SERIOUS shouting, and make his stuff known.

Just because some pot-bellied geek-meister like me slobbers all over this idea, doesn’t buy “market share” worth a ■■■■…

One thing you can do - virually - is to get on some of the blogs where the kiddies (college kids) hang, and talk about Comodo’s stuff there.

College kids are ALWAYS on the snoop for something “free” - and once you penetrate THAT market, you’ve got a solid leg up.


I totally agree with your needing to get reviews in “peer reviewed journals” as the scholastic crowd would say… and things like PC World, Computer Shopper, etc. are the way to go. People read that stuff. More importantly - a PC Magazine “Editors Choice” or “Best Buy” award - goes a long way toward influencing “purchasing” decisions.

Like the folks in the 'hood ;D would say: “YO!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!” (after smacking you up-side your HEAD!)


Agreed, but when CFP is stable in v3 and CAVS is out of Beta, otherwise we’ll get the same criticisms (especially with CFP - I put up with all of its little quirks, but I’d still use ZA on a machine for some one else - sorry!).



I found the following information - that you might find useful (HUGE grin!)



PC Magazine reviewed Comodo’s Firewall product in 5/06, gave it a “PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award” - along with a score of 4.5 out of 5

(Note: The bold type within the paragrahps is provided by me for emphasis. Paragraph headings were inserted by me, as they were “graphics” on the original web page.)

[b]Bottom Line:[/b] Comodo Personal Firewall is a [b]kick-a*s free firewall[/b]. It keeps hackers out and tricky unauthorized programs off the Internet. And it resists being terminated. [b]It works as well as all but the best for-pay firewalls—[u]and did I mention it's free[/u]?[/b]

Blocks attacks from outside.
Controls which programs can access the Internet or network.
Recognizes known safe programs.
Blocks malware-style leak tests. <== [JH] Cool! Many firewalls simply “ignore” leak-tests!
Resists termination by malware-style techniques. <== [JH] Very Impressive!

Initial bombardment of program-control confirmation pop-ups can be annoying—as with most firewalls.

Here’s a HUGE THUMBS UP to everyone at Comodo!
(R) (:CLP) :BNC :■■■■ (:CLP) (V)

That’s one HELL of an impressive write up!

(What I posted is just the summary, extracted from the page cited above. Read the entire article by following the link at the top of this post.)

I’ve been reading their write-ups for years now, and they’re usually not so enthusiastic about freeware stuff like this - they’ll review it, but they usually treat it as if it’s some kid’s 9th grade science-fair project…

According to this article, they hit it with everything but an atom bomb - actually, they tried that too, via the task manager, services, etc - and this beastie is at least as well “hardened” as any missile silo… ;D

They threw everything at it but the kitchen sink - and like the proverbial cartoon scene - everything they threw at it, came bouncing back into THEIR fox-hole! It remided me of Wile E. Coyote (SUPER Genius!) trying to out-smart the Road Runner. All he got for his efforts was a face full of cactus. (besides being blown up, run over, smooshed, burnt, etc…)

Keep it up people!!


p.s. Melih, why don’t you put any of this stuff up on your web site? Hell’s Bells, man! I’d have that dam… darn PC Editor’s Choice award all over the place!!

Jim, it is there on the main site at the right margin side under the Awards heading: :). It’s just not as noticeable because it’s camouflaged with the other links.

There’s one thing that’s bothered me since my very first visit to the main website: very little screenshots of the firewall. In fact, I can only spot a few pictures of the GUI, but they are too small and fuzzy to see clearly :o. Reviews are nice for people who like to read, but for others a picture is worth a thousand words. Not only for attraction, but pictures let potential users know what a product looks like before trying it.

I found the following information - that you might find useful (HUGE grin!)


1citation? All be it , it was a great review.

That is all I could find as well.

You think people just save that 1 magazine and read nothing else? Magazines and newspapers by design are dated when the next one comes out. They are not scientific journals or books.

Props on that write up . However you have to get into more than 1 magazine and do it consistently. You have to hammer it in to the minds of the users. I only read those mags every so often. The majority of international users rarely read them but when they do you want them to see you product. You cannot rely on them happening to see it the one time it is in a magazine.

You people have to stop dreaming. Just because we know that the Firewall is great etc, that does not mean shit to the gazillions of users that Melih wants to retain.