COMODO going for new TLD!

Isnt COMODO going as an Applicant for any new TLD?
Symantec its going for .ANTIVIRUS, .SECURITY and so on.

COMODO should go for .SSL or something like that.
I would (if I’d have $185,000) :smiley:

I don’t see any point in it really.

Yes, you are right.

The .ssl TLD was the first thing that came to my mind (SSL COMODOs main business).
And also was thinking on search engine friendly domain names.

But I guess thats something that only COMODO can know.
If I would have the $185,000, I would have a hard time thinking what would be a good TLD to get.

I see. Yeah but $185,000 is a lot of money and security company’s will think twice before spending money on such things.

You will be surprised!
SYMANTEC didnt think twice on spending $185,000 for EACH TLD that has applied for:
.SECURITY, $185,000
.ANTIVIRUS, $185,000
.CLOUD, $185,000
.NORTON, $185,000 (looks its going only for private use)
.SYMANTEC, $185,000 (looks its going only for private use)

Thats only $925,000 for 5 new domain extension or TLDs, that SYMANTEC its willing to pay.

$185,000 its only the first year. Then, every year to keep the TLD its about $25,000.

Of course, owning a TLD means you will sell domains with your TLD or extension at the price you think its best. As an example, lets say COMODO owns .SSL TLD.

Then, they can charge $10 per domain registered. And you and me can register domains for $10, like:

And so on… so obviously, its an investment rather than a “spent”.

I wanted to add this but I didn’t. Symantec is an exception with few others they make money out of the air. Take Comodo for example now that’s gonna be a hit in the bank. They much better of developing new product or increasing staff numbers or whatever but not TLD!

Yes, plus they own VERISIGN now.
So probably they are looking to expand their TLDs (to have more than only COM and NET).

Yeah it’s crazy. With the Symantec revenue of $6.73 billion (2012) and the profit of $1.17 billion (2012) they can do anything they like. They have 20,500 employees (2012) Comodo only have over 600. So you get the picture.

I mean I see your point and maybe it is a good investment for Comodo to get .SSL TLD since they are the big players in this but Comodo don’t have any extra money like that and as we know they are not interested of spending money on advertising and in general marketing like other big security names. That’s why some people still have no clue what is Comodo. So maybe that’s the reason they are not going for TLD and as I said before Comodo need to use money much more efficiently unlike Symantec.

True. By the way, .SSL was only an idea.

From where did Symantec got that revenue?
From lying to its customers, from packing in their products useless “security” concepts and sell them to consumers as required, from selling high-priced products that are not even efficient against cyber attacks.

So, geting the picture: a revenue for 6.73 billion minus 1.17 billion profit… 5.56 billion spent!!!
Symantec customers pay a lot in marketing and advertisement, Im grateful I am not one of them anymore (Thanks Melih for that).

Yeah I know. I agree 100%. It’s not just cost you money but as you said their products don’t protect you and slow down your system! Indeed.