Comodo goes "Open Source"

And what’s your reason?

What’s yours? ;D

I said no because no good reason was provided for a change of licensing :smiley:

there’s a very old topic about this idea 88)
Comodo is good as it is. no need to fix what ain’t broken


Well… Open Source is very idealistic but we have to remember that Comodo had to spend lot of money to create CIS, and what is the reason to give someone source code for free? OS have it’s advantages but also disadvantages. In my opinion there is no such difference between OS and freeware. As long as CIS is free there is no need to change anything.

Of course maybe in the future Comodo will decide to release source code, and that would be great for all user community but there is no need to rush…

Comodo have a number of patents assigned to their products, so I don’t imagine they will be releasing the source code under the GNU GPL. Which, is just fine by me.

If you want an Open Source firewall take a look at NetDefender - The open source Windows firewall

many more OS goodies for Windows can be found at

No I’m not agree.
But I’m agree that user can makes add-ons for CIS like an old version of Outpost firewall.

if I recall correctly, those extensions didn’t really offer much in the way functionality, and those that had some worth, have been incorporated into later versions.

That said, it might be interesting to see what could be done, if some hooks were provided. Then again, it could open a whole can of worms…

Ppl start to mix two things way to fast. If someone offers something for free, that doesn’t equal open source right away. Stuff can be free (like in case of avast! or CIS) but they can be still completely propertiary.
ClamAV is open-source and i’m not seeing any great advances. In fact that thing is exactly the same for like um forever? They haven’t even incorporated on-access scanner or updated that ■■■■■■ interface (apart from small interface icons facelift). So what exactly are you expecting after CIS would become open-source?
Nothing, apart from the fact that everyone would be using Comodo’s hard work and lots of resources for free and even make profits out of it. Now why the hell would Comodo allow that? First your research and develop technologies and then you just give it away in a form of source code? It’s just not that simple.
They would need to have some benefit out of that and i’m not seeing any.

Voted NO.

  1. COMODO already does a great job at improving their products.

  2. COMODO already gives a lot for free. Open source would be asking a tad too much.

  3. Open Source means that malicious freaks can easily find weaknesses in their products (if they have any ;)) which will render security useless.

  4. Open Source will also mean the malicious freak will be able to edit CIS maliciously (such as hiding trojans) and distribute it on other sites. Which will in turn ruin Melih’s dream of a trusted internet.

  5. Who would you trust with your security? Any normal guy or COMODO’s dev team.

In this scenerio open source will not directly benefit the end users, because they get it for free anyway!

The only people who will benefit form this will be our competitors who will then improve their apps and sell for $$ and they will make more money thanks to our open source… which will reduce the differentiation we have from them and in return might result other people who heavily target to gain market share while still charging for it etc etc.


Well said. :-TU

The main projects were comodo is focusing on does not need open source I think… But maybe there are some “extra” projects that may relate to security or customization which maybe can be brought under an open source license… you can think of stuff that cant damage the goal of comodo’s products, like skinning tools, translation tools, wiki tools, forum enhancements tools etcetera… it maybe can bring more insight for developers for their core products… (:WIN)