Comodo Global Moderator please do a firewall test on Symantec Security Check

Comodo Global Moderator,

Could you please do a firewall test using Symantec Security Check and see if the is Stealth on port 1080

SOCKS. This protocol allows computers access to the Internet through a firewall. It is used when one IP address is shared among several computers. Generally this protocol only allows access out to the Internet. However, it is frequently configured incorrectly to allow hackers to pass traffic inwards through the firewall.

Look at Hacker Exposure Check section and click onto view a detailed analysis of your test results and tell me IF port 1080 is stealth from your PC.

I’m fixing a friend computer using Comodo FW v5.3, I know how to solved this issued, I just wanted to check from your PC saying is Stealth and I just wanted to make sure this is not a Comodo bugs and this maybe related to a user setting problem.

Thank you

I tested, no stealth port.
the modem have dmz + off firewall.

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Thank you

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