Comodo GeekBuddy Ver_4.25 Release

Hello All,

We are happy to announce that Geekbuddy Ver_4.25 has been released.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our users :slight_smile:

-GeekBuddy’s user interface has been completely changed to increase product satisfaction and having user-friendly interface.
Don’t miss to try it.

-PC Scan feature to provide scanning ability for various PC issues

PC Scan ability has been added to GeekBuddy. In addition to that Health Report and Trend Analysis features are added to help our users to track their PC condition over time. You can monitor your PC’s health condition.
Event Scan feature will help you to identify the problems in your PC and you can request help for all your issues from certified agents.

We designed a user friendly interface for our users to help them scan their PCs. With the help of this feature, users can scan their PC for Junk Files, Junk Registries, Browser problems, Malware protection and Virtual Memory problems.

Simply click on “Smart Scan” button to start the scan and at the end of the scan, your results are displayed. If you want to connect to our agents for a specific issue, you may click on “Connect to an Expert” button and GeekBuddy system automatically assign an agent for you.

-License Monitor Addition

A monitor to notify you about discounts before license expiration.

-Tray Icon Addition

GB icon has been added to Tray Bar(right bottom side of your desktop). Users will be notified with Product installs and updates.

-Issue Warning Alert

A new alert to notify users in case there are +1 major or critical issue exists in user’s PC. With the help of this feature, you will not miss any important problem.

-Black Friday and Cyber Monday Theme
GeekBuddy has been redecorated for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t skip up to %50 discounts.


Alp Eren Kaplan,
COMODO Geekbuddy Product Manager

You either LOVE Geekbuddy or hate it :slight_smile:

You Love it if you have a problem with your computer.
You hate it if you are a techie, because you don’t need someone else to tell you what is wrong, you can fix it yourself.

However there are some techies out there who don’t want to spend their time fixing friends and family computers and they LOVE geekbuddy too for that reason.

Its a great service, its a life saver when you need it! Its a kind of product that you will appreciate when you need it. Like Insurance :wink:

Great job Geekbuddy team, keep up the good work and continue helping the hundreds of thousands of customers.

Hi Melih.

I loved Comodo and GeekBuddy and paid for it for years. However, your tech support has become so ridiculous by now that I will not extend my license after it expires and will run to your competition instead. Congrats for managing that. If you are interested in details (nobody of your staff at Comodo seems to care) look at my posts.

Hi Ineu,

I replied you in other thread. We will do our best to compensate your experience and solve your issue.