Hello All,

We are happy to announce that Geekbuddy Ver_4.19 has been released.

What is Geekbuddy?

GeekBuddy provides unlimited remote support for your common PC problems. Our certified geeks can diagnose and fix virtually any PC issue. All while you sit back and watch!

What can Geekbuddy do?

Have a Certified Expert Available 24/7 to Handle All Your Daily PC Headaches
Virus Diagnosis & Removal
PC Tune-up & Troubleshooting
Software Installation
Printer & Peripheral Setup
ID Theft Protection
Email Account Setup
Green PC (Power Settings Optimization)
Printer & Peripheral Troubleshooting

What is in this release?

This release includes features to enhance user experience and increase live expert response time.
Virtual Technician feature will identify user responses and act accordingly to redirect our users to related live experts.

Geekbuddy will be enhanced in future releases in very soon. Please provide your feedbacks on Geekbuddy so that we can develop in the way you desire.


Alp Eren Kaplan,
COMODO Geekbuddy Product Manager


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Congratulations with the release.

good job guys!

Our Geekbuddy is such an amazing help to many out there, keep it improving, and keep it coming!

Thank you guys, I thought this project was dead :slight_smile:
Happy to see new release :-TU

Thanks for the release. Can you give us some of the changes/improvements since v2


Hi Yigido,

Geekbuddy will be improved and we have a dedicated team for this product.

Geekbuddy will be improved with future releases soon.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi Wasgij6,

Since V2 there have been too many improvements such as Plug-in improvements, operational efficiency, enhanced alert mechanism for various PC issues, added avatars for session screens.

Best regards,

i received a pop up diagnostics report from GeekBuddy and after chatting with Audrey, she convinced me to purchase the year service for $39.99 and after several questions and answers about what it covers, I purchased. I asked specifically many times if the PC fixes on the diagnostics and everything else were included in the subscription, and she assured me it was. I purchased and the tech downloaded the comodo software and then asked if I needed anything else and I said, yes, fix the diagnostics please. He said that wasn’t included in what I purchased. I knew there would be an issue. I should have known better. However, she did say that I would have full support and nothing was ever said about extra monies for PC support. I have a copy of the chat and I’ve reread it. I want what I paid for and what she said I had coming. Why can’t this ever work smoothly. :-[ :-[

I agree with you.
I asked some questions to free geekbuddy guys. They installed Comodo products to my machine but their service is funny. They actually cannot solve our problems :-TD

PM sent to Geekbuddy Staff.


Hello browngirlsx3,

I will check for the situation that you described and respond you as soon as possible.

Thank you for informing us.



I’m happy to inform you that one of our team leads will reach you and help to fix your issue.

Thank you again for letting us know the situation.

Best regards,

I’m having a major problem just installing the desktop element. Downloaded from twice, tried six times to run installer, keep getting “Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run.” I’m getting desperate, as I’ve contracted Browser Shop and nothing, I mean nothing is touching it. It’s reached the point where Browser Shop is running even though I’ve killed the extensions (there are at least two; one CD identifies as “broewseaindshop”, the other as “unnidealsi”). In other fora about Chromium products, the only solution I’ve seen is to uninstall the browser and start over. Before that happens, can someone help me at least give Geekbuddy a chance? Thank you.

Hello kgm4714,

We will look into the problem and the error report that you stated. As I understand from your problem, you were not able to install the Geekbuddy because you are getting “Error 1723”. Am I correct?


Yes, you are correct. I even tried again, making sure to run the installer as administrator; still getting the 1723 error.

Another potential reason can be malware blocking the installation. Did you see the same problem in any other installation?

This error is unique and exclusive to GeekBuddy.