Comodo Geekbuddy Antivirus Alert in CIS

I think these are nuisances, as they can confuse novice and beginner users. CIS can already get rid of these threats by default, so why do we need Geekbuddy assistance? Please Comodo developers add an option to disable the alerts or remove them entirely.

Option 3 :-TU

I voted “Atleast an option to disable them.”

Yes you can turn them off after the alert has already been shown but then it’s too late, if I install CIS on a family member’s computer I don’t want them to get that message at all and I don’t want to have to download something that is detected by CAV in order to get the alert in order to click in the option to not get the alert again. You should be able to turn off the alert in the settings without having to get the alert first.

I voted that too, maybe the Comodo developers can add this as a registry modification as the did with Full Virtualization. Or even a config file would be enough.

I am gonna vote no. They already give option to disable, I f am understanding it correctly.

That option is presented only after the first detection and after the first alert, however this isn’t something you want if you installed the suit on someone else’s PC because they shouldn’t have to be bothered with such advertising.

So there isn’t a real option, though you get a check box in the alert it self to stop it from showing again.

There is an option to disable it but that’s only after it has been shown. What I mean is an option to disable it so it is never shown at all.

:-TU option 3