Comodo + GameGuard = BSOD !?

Hello I was found this article from wikipedia, nProtect GameGuard - Wikipedia

It’s about a Game Application nProtect GameGuard makes computer that’s running Comodo with D+ a BSOD.

Did someone tested yet ?

So I was playing game that’s used nprotect with D+ set to Safe Mode and everything works fine except a fist time I run a game and disconnected.

Maybe a GG (GameGuard) in online games I play is not this version.

I known that GG use a trick like rootkit to inject itself to another process and they said “For hide GG termination”

For me GG (and Korean security apps) didn’t makes any safe for the user anymore but the local customer and local provider said “Safest name in the world” and “No1 in security”.

Does it’s a truth ?

My kids play FlyFF with CIS installed. No BSOD’s.

Although I have been lazy and not updated them to the latest CIS… but I can’t see that changing.

Not long ago we talked about that.
GG had problem with CIS because D+ protects CFP.EXE from being read… so GG blocks the using of the game. The solution was to deactive D+ permanetly (In D+ settings). But… one month ago I played game with GG and no problems. PAY attention to this: In some PC environment GG forces the PC to be restarted,
Like my new computer and Lineage 2 game (my solution was to download GG killer for the game and it solve my problem), Not related to any program.

GG always forces makes cpu usage at 100%.
Sometime it kill some security software process without asking.

I always have a problem like this when I’m play game that’s have GG.
Don’t use a support form korean websitr they’re no1 mean they’re best user must fix it by yourself.