COMODO Game Booster

COMODO Game Booster

Alot of people play Games EX ‘Call Of Duty’…
But what if comodo could make the difference in game experience?
A simple button click, and you can enjoy better performance of gameplay.

Regards O0

or make your ping lower or your fps higner of game like wow,guild war and more mmorpg games

I agree that Comodo should have like a ‘game mode’ function, where it disables the firewall, puts antivirus/defense+ to low. However, there are many good free ‘game boosters’ out there in the first place.

Gboost is a very good one, you have to sign up, but just use a or another disposable email service:

Iobit’s Game Booster is also very good and is also free, but this one you don’t have to sign up for. However, it’s not updated as much, that’s why I put it last

I’m sure Comodo could make an optimization thing though, to disable unwanted programs and put itself lower automatically.

CIS 2011 will have a game mode.

i use process lasso game mode, but cis definatly needs it, to disable scanning of graphics based software, mouse and other input software and related drivers, directx files, games related temp files and the associated appdata entries etc. anything that slows disk/network access.

i already have the games i run excluded from the av scan etc. but cis definatly slows my system noticably.
i found too many virus’ slip thru if i dont max the scanning settings and i hate having to disable scanning completly just to play a game.
a gaming profile would be superb.

also the popup balloons cause lots of problems during fullscreen gaming as they fight for top level access to the screen which causes delays, flickering, and the loss of input device profiles which use auto application detection.

detection of games and a delayed user response option would help a great deal,that and my request for overlay support :wink:

right ;D ;D

:smiley: >:-D >:-D

Now the Game Booster 2 is half free. if u want 2 be able 2 have access 2 all the options and customizations that u did b4, u have 2 purchase the premium version online now…which really sucks…

Hello at all But what if comodo could make the difference in game experience , thanksKind regards