Comodo FW Problem With Windows Live Messenger

Not sure whats going on here with CPF and Windows live Messenger. Occasionally even though i set my WLM to show me offline, it lights up green, says im online when im off and offline when im on.
I get an error signing in after it plays up something like 8004800E and saying " Check your firewall settings" Well CPF scanned my apps and found WLM, it is set to TCP/UDP in out.
Everything else on my computer behaves perfectly, What can i do to ensure WLM behaves without these weird issues.
Im running the latest build, not beta though. Thanks for any help. (:WIN)

Anyone !! ? Or Comodo will have to go :o :o Thanks.

Hey Poutine,

I’m running WLM and have never seen these issues. All I did was to allow when prompted and CPF did the rest.

Are there any entries in the logs?

As a test, turn logging on for all rules, start WLM, exit WLM, start WLM, exit WLM. Repeat until the error condition you describe re-occurs. Turn logging off any rules you added it to and then go through the logs looking for any references to WLM.

Post the results back here.

Ewen :slight_smile: