Comodo Freezes on "Paranoid" and "Custom Policies" mode...

Comodo locks up Vista if you set Comodo to Paranoid mode and custom policy mode.

I use a 2.8GHZ dual core X2 and 4GB of memory so this is not the problem. Vista is freshly installed on a drive that was certified and tested out of our data centre and had zeros written to it. No errors on the drive, this is Comodo. What’s the deal?

Hello. :slight_smile:

I have had CIS set to Paranoid Mode/Custom Policy Mode way back since I ever installed it. Have you changed any of the default rules in the policies? Does Vista lock up randomly? When you perform a specific task?

Nope, I’ve never had vista lock up randomly, actually, vista blazes by. I do use ready-boost and I don’t know if that could be a problem, actually, we have 4 ready boost drives totaling around 40GB of ready-boost power, but I don’t assume that is a problem. It just started happening after I replaced some parts in my computer, reinstalled Vista fresh on a new HD with new memory and everything else and then got the latest version of Comodo. The pervious versions of Comodo never caused a problem, actually I don’t even know if there is a new version of Comodo.

Edit: there is no new version of Comodo according to the site, the last one was in February, but what’s odd is just like the Comodo text, that just started happening too (on the popups) and I never had that problem either till I started having the random lockups if I set it to Paranoid and Custom Policy mode. Lets say I do set it to that mode and clear out all my entries, and then go to view “active connections” (I don’t quite remember what Comodo calls it) or even Firewall Policies, it will take 10 minutes to load, lock up my entire PC and use up all my resources. :frowning:

I have the same problem in version 3.9…509

I had run Defense+ in safe more for two weeks, but decided that I don’t like the safe mode too much, because I have no idea which files are marked as safe (and there doesn’t seem a way to view/change that list). So I switched into paranoid mode. However after that I experience the same freezing issue. Vista locks up for 2-3 minutes, whenever I click on something in the Comodo window (even also when clicking on “About”).

Even switching back to safe mode doesn’t resolve this. Any idea what could be the problem?


Vista Performance experience score is 5.9 on my machine …

I’d like to add, that I had to uninstall comodo and reinstall again. Comodo doesn’t work in paranoid for me (because of the 2-3 minutes freezes after each gui operation).