Comodo Free Firewall Beta?

Is there a Beta v10 for the free version of the firewall?

You can find it here. :slight_smile:

thanks. I saw that but it has the download for Comodo Internet Security

isn’t that the paid version? includes AV? I currently use ESET NOD32

CIS is completely free.
Online services such as GeekBuddy are what costs.

It’s not compatible with ESET NOD32 v5 and later which has HIPS. One of my friend has v4.2 installed with CIS 10 beta and went smoothly, compatible.

I have eset av 9.0

I just want the firewall, is there a way for me to install ONLY the firewall and not Comodo AV? since I have eset I dont want to install Comodo AV

Just go into the advanced section of the installer and untick the AV.

The latest beta installer does not allow us to uncheck the antivirus. I don’t want the AV but it appears to be required.

I only want the firewall part. If Comodo is going to force people into using their A/V. It’s bye bye Comodo then.

I agree. I never want any of the remote support features, antivirus, browser plugins, or anything else. Just a firewall. I’ll never pay for Comodo’s all-in-one software because other companies do those other things better. I would consider paying for a great firewall though, if they can make one.

Forgive me, people, but CIS is and always was FREE.

and you can have the fw only (plus d+). just remember to remove the items you dont want during the installation process

Please note the Beta section is closed as there is now a final release available.

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Thank you