Comodo Free Firewall and Kaspersky Cloud Free

Hello dear community,

I am new here and I need some help.

I would like to please you tell me,every single step I should do in order to make Comodo Free Firewall work with Kaspersky Cloud Free.

Pleaae help me.

Thanks to all in advance.

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Hi dragon_wall,

Thank you for reporting, could you please check your inbox for pm and respond ?


You could try the below steps under your own risk (there is no guarantee KSC Free will not conflict with Comodo Firewall, but most likely they will work OK together).

Also for stronger protection with Comodo Free Firewall, follow the steps in this video.

Hi dragon_wall,

This had been raised before and there used to be a video on youtube as it did depend on the install order, but seems to have been taken down now.

the following may help tho :-