Comodo Forum The Best For Me

Being a member of a few forums I can honestly say comodo is the best! Why? You can praise, moan, double post, meander away from a subject and ask just about anything. What happens you get treated with dignity and respect near on 100% (not that I’ve been on the receiving end of any negative activities).

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    I think it because at a forum normal moderators.
    Everything depends on work of moderators ( understanding of problems of users etc…).
    And nobody at a forum sees a superiority over other users.

All the credit goes to amazing Moderators we have here!

They are volunteers who have created an environment for us to come and learn, solve problems and be part of a community.

Thank you to our CoModerators!


General members, Staff & Moderators are all equal users on the Forum and we all contribute to making it enjoyable to be a part of. :-TU

I say thanks to every member.

I am proud to be a mod at the Comodo Forums. It’s a cool and open place… 8)

and now with a new skin (:CLP) well done people look"s great

The new look forum looks absolutely stunning.Fantastic and well done and thanks to the comodo team. :-TU :-TU