Comodo Forum info

I wonder if Comodo knows that this Forum is going to Expire Sunday October 27th 2013




Where do you see this?

I see it on a site, that I do not wish to display in this msg. But I will let u know via PM. Then you can see it better.

Do you mean the domain? If so then yes it’s set to expire at 27th Oct 2013, all domains do (or should, I don’t know) have an expiration date, if you do not pay before the domain expires you will still have a period after the expiration where you can renew it without fear of someone else registering it (or perhaps that’s registrar specific) most likely they will pay around when it’s set to expire, just business as usual from what I can see.

I just had a look at the Main Homepage of < And that Expires the same day.

So Lets hope that Comodo are aware.

I’m sure they are, They’ve most likely had to go through with it a few times before seeing as the domain was registered quite a while ago, nothing to worry about.

Edit: Also, depending on registrars they’ve probably gotten e-mails that their domain is about to expire. I remember when my domain was about to expire, so many e-mails ;D

I kind of agree :slight_smile: