Comodo Forum Confusing. Suggestion....

Ok, Im not sure if this has been raised before, but the forum is a bit confusing to navigate.

One suggestion that should make an easy improvement, is the Sticky threads at the top of each page.

It looks all the same, Maybe an icon that stands out more, but definitely a line to separate the sticky thread and the new thread created, so one can easily identify a new thread as opposed to a sticky.

just a thought.


I agree.

Hey Soya

do you want to go ahead and put a proposal to make navigation easier in the moderator section.
lets make it easy for everyone to use our forums.

Ok :slight_smile:

cool :SMLR


Actually, a new forum theme was already created a few weeks ago, but itโ€™s not publicly released yet (only to mods and admins to test out). Itโ€™s definitely clearer than the standard one. :slight_smile: