Comodo forum bug?

Hello! I noticed this issue since the beginning (but I always dismissed this) when I started using Comodo forum. When I log-in in the forum I sometimes get some random picture downloaded automatically on my PC from the Comodo forum. Is this a known Comodo forum bug? I had this issue again just now.

Thank you.

Is it the same photo each time it happens? Do you have a url of the picture? Do you happen to know if it also happens with different browsers or not?

No the pictures are always different, for example: Valkyrie upload picture, Comodo AV icon, Comodo logo, etc. I got rid of the picture which downloaded today. I use Comodo Dragon now but I had this issue with IE and Firefox as well.

i had the same issue with icedragon too, but not only comodo pictures, it was from other sites too! but since a while i have not this issue anymore. dont know why

Thank God I’m not the only one LOL! :smiley: I see, thanks for the info. I might had other pics too… Can’t remember… This issue also stopped for me for a long time but today boom! I got one picture!

yes, and never i saw the download, but i had the jpg file on my desktop. was crazy.

I recall this happening to me in the past, I can not find where I posted about it as it was long ago.
I think it sometimes happens when you have been browsing the Forum not logged in and come across the image.
Then later when you login it appears to load the image from the browsers cache.
Unknown reason for this inconsistent glitch. :-\

We have seen it before. But I can’t recall exactly what it was or what it triggered. Sometimes cleaning browser cache can work miracles. May be also in this case?

Bingo! That’s what crossed my mind… I do browse before I log-in… But last night I can’t even recall coming across any image…

I see. I will try it out. This bug don’t bother me really. I just report it so Comodo maybe can fix it?