Comodo for sitefilter ....


Is it possible to use comodo to restirct websites that are visited ?

For example i just want to give any browser only acces to or even multiple sites.


Hi Jerome, welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure what you mean by “visited”, but it is certainly possible to restrict a browser to specific sites. Define a Network Zone in CIS & add to that Zone any site that you want the browser to visit, then modify the browser’s Application rule to include the Zone as the destination address. You should probably also include in this restricted Zone anything that the browser needs to work (eg. checking for updates, DNS, etc…). Also, CIS’ Firewall Mode should be “Custom Policy Mode” when creating specific rules like this (otherwise CIS might automatically undo any restrictive modification).

I hope that helps.

Hmmmmmm not totally clear how to do.

But yes i want to filter any site and allow some sites.


Ps great product ! Was running before Zone Alarm but had many issues with that.

Ok, firstly the Mode: Right click CIS’s systray icon (to the left of the clock on the taskbar), hover over “Firewall Security Level” (menu appears) & select “Custom Policy Mode”.

Network Zones: Open CIS & select the Firewall button. Select “My Network Zones”. Add - “A New Network Zone…” & give your new Zone a name (“Allowed Sites” maybe?). Now, you need to add sites to your new Zone. Select (highlight) your new Zone, Add - “A New Address…”. As you’ll notice, addresses can be entered in many formats, but for web site access you should use the “host name” (eg.… which is probably easier anyway. Remember to “Apply” all changes.

Modifying Application Rules: Still in the Firewall section, select the “Advanced” button & then “Network Policy Rules”. This should open a screen (which is resizable btw) with all your current Application rules. Find the browser in question (if you’ve already used it, it’s likely to be there). By default the browser rule probably currently only has 1 rule…

Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any

… or something very much like that. Double click this entry & a second screen will appear, “Network Control Rule”. Select the “Destination” tab, tick/check “Zone” & select your new Zone from the drop-down selection list. Apply all the way out & that’s it you’re done.

Adding new allowed sites is a simple matter of adding those sites to your previously defined Zone, nothing else needs modification.

PS You’ve posted in the wrong section, so I need to move your topic to the help section (which I’ll do now). Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Well partly this works but …

Comodo is now placing an request when there is an unknown site opend (firewall alert) and just pressing allow is ending the whole rule.

My fault, sorry. I forgot the block to prevent the prompt from CIS. One of 2 things are possible. After the existing rule for the browser, place another rule…

Block & Log IP Out Source: Any Destination: Any IP All.

…or… modify the existing rule to be a Block & Log (just like the above rule), but with the destination EXCLUDED your Zone. So, block any access to anything that is NOT in the Zone.