Comodo for professional use, where to find info?[info provided, thanks]

I just recommended CIS to a company. :wink:

But, they wish to know where to find info that says that it is possible to use CIS also for professional use, in case they get inspected for illegal software.

I tried to look here, but says nothing related to that.

Can someone point that?


There is a link to Terms and Conditions on the page footer.

If they still doubt they cannot install CIS please invite them to get in touch with Melih himself (CNY)

Its free for any use…

For enterprise we have ESM (Enterprise Security Manager) if they wish to pay for it… If they don’t need this then they can use it for free…


Adding a line that says this is free for corporate use could be a good thing thou, as many free-wares isn’t free for company’s/profitable organizations.

But comodo is… :smiley:



Hello everyone,

I didn’t find the exact Topic to do this POST, so I’ll try here.
I just want to know if I can use Comodo internet security commercialy, meaning, use in my company computers for free.

Thank you,

I think so, but you’ll have to ask a mod.

Yes you can, as shown in the Terms and Conditions (

Ewen :slight_smile: