COMODO for MAC have name post incorrect, need assistency

Hi Comodo, im from Brasil and i have a MAC with IOS and i donwload your COMODO Antivirus, but i see the name with problem in the antivirus, in the Sumary or Sumario in portuguese the name of Stateful have a problem hes not see correct how Inspecao Inteligente, need put the language in a horizontal for we see all the name in portuguese correct.

other problem is the name in portuguese of Verificar agora need be in horizontal too in english is Scan Now.

This corrections be the program more beautiful for users, i Love Comodo and for all people stay with Comodo in Mac OS X i think need the Antivirus is good and beautiful visual, please correct this names and show the all one the Comodo is Great how i Think so.

Thanks too much for all attention and sorry my english.

I d like too have antivirus for IPHONE 4 and 4 S the COMODO how have for Android, please make for Iphone too. I have one and i Love too.

Big Thanks for all.

Augusto Aguieiras

I too feel the need of using AV into the iphone.