COMODO for Linux not working on Ubuntu 12.04

I have downloaded and installed COMODO Antivirus for Linux from your website for testing on a Ubuntu 12.04 system.

I have found it does not run correctly.

  1. It does NOT appear to scan the ‘entire’ system.

  2. It kicks an error saying File System Filter driver is not loaded and the fix does NOT work.

On the support site a third party company appears to have a fix for number 2 problem. However COMODO tech support has not stated if this is a supported fix.

I like the product but I am unclear on how to get it fully working.

Can you help me.

If the kernel is above 3.5 (which ubuntu 12.04.4 now is) then it won’t work without the completely unofficial patch (which seems an odd thing to install if security is your concern).

If you can get hold of an old 12.04.1 iso it will work out of the box.

I’m looking to move to Ubuntu 14.4 LTS. Too bad they are NOT keeping up current with Ubuntu. Guess I will have to look for something else.

There aren’t really that many real-time options. Bitdfender on demand scanner works OK, but the ‘incremental’ updates are a bit heavy.

You could just use comodo as on-demand in 14.04 with real time scanning disabled.I haven’t tried, but I suspect it should work OK.

Unless you are running a server, on-demand occasional scans of Home, along with other good security practices should be fine with linux I think.

I don’t mind a third party update if COMODO would verify it is ok and has a relationship with the third party. I am a little nervous adding third party fixes from someone not formally approved by COMODO.

I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for that - given how long it is since any comodo developer has posted in this forum.