Comodo for computer lab, guest accounts, shared dial-up?

Me: volunteer admin for a small rural computer lab sharing a dial-up connection

Currently running ZoneAlarmPro (free from ISP) on all four machines.

Major Problem: updating on insanely slow connection. ZA does not appear to have any mechanism for manually copying virus defs, so that coupled with MS updates means that at present I am periodically removing the entire lab to a location with a high-speed connection to do updates.

Annoyance: I want all four machines to be accessible only via guest accounts, and ZA recently made a change with respect to guest accounts that has complicated my life.

Good news: Thanks to, I now have a mechanism for carrying MS updates to the lab.

Since Comodo is (a) my choice for web security at home - since I found out that its firewall is higher rated than the ZA firewall I was paying good money for and (b) the virus updates can be manually installed, I’d like to switch the lab over to Comodo, and not have to load it up in my van and take it for a drive every few months.

The Big, Poorly-defined Question: Before I buy myself a new nightmare, I need to know if this (four machines, one serving a dial-up connection, all accessed strictly through guest accounts) is going to work, or whether I will have to allow users to interact with Comodo to get things done to the extent that I might as well not have security software at all. Basically: what are the potential gotchas?

The lab is unsupervised and mostly used by kids who… do the things that kids do on the internet. (Oi) So basically I have to try to protect the machines from utter disaster but I can’t lock everything down or I’ll be driving over there every other day to type in my password and ■■■■■■ security settings.

Sorry for the long-winded post.

It may be worth looking into Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM). CESM can acts as a central adminstration point for your lab. The CESM server can download the updates once and then the other PCs receive the update fropm the server, rather than each PC doing a download.

CESM is free for up to 5 PCs and can run on an XP PC in a workgroup environment.;msg390808#msg390808

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it, thanks.