Comodo Firwall, reducing CPU

I read in Wilders that it’s possible to reduce the PC resources that Comodo firewall uses by minimising the GUI. Does this sound right? Means nothing to me, I’m a newby, but I would like my computer to run as efficiently as possible.

Is it possible to do such a thing and save on memory etc.?

If so, how would I go about it?

I take it that cpf.exe in the task manager signifies Comodo. Correct?

Are the default settings robust enough for someone running behind a router, as I am?

CFPs GUI (cpf.exe) is, effectively, minimized by default. I guess if CFPs GUI is visible & doing something like displaying the Connections (which is also highly active), then it probably does consume a little extra resources. However, I’m not aware of any specific problem in this area.

Some users who have encountered high CPU in CFP, although this is I believe is always in CFPs background process/service cmdagent.exe, have found that read protecting CFPs physical Log file to prevent CFP from logging events has reduced the CPU usage of the cmdagent service where there were high volumes of DIO due to logging. But, as I said, this is related to CFPs back-end process/service, not CFPs GUI. So, in short… no, it doesn’t sound right.

Without knowing your set-up or router, then yes… probably. Certainly, a good software firewall, such as CFP, behind a hardware firewall, as found in routers, is an excellent & highly recommended combination.

Hope that helps.

Sure does. Thanks for that.

cpf.exe is a true issue with 2.4 due logging, while cmdagent.exe is (usually) due to monitor dll injections and this has been reported since 2.3. Like Kail stated, the logging issue hogging cpu is more apparent with more simultaneous, active connections.

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