Comodo Firmware Security Check module for CIS

McAfee with Intel are currently developing DeepSAFE technology.
Symantec is also mangling something with firmware protection against malware.

Why not Comodo try and develop a module for CIS, that will be able to scan firmware (BIOS, firmware of HDD, PCIe cards, Flash drivers .etc) for malware presence or insecure firmware settings and repair it – in case malware, it will quarantine it and restore clean version or flash it; in case of insecure settings it will tell what to change or make autochanges – showing thorough results at the end?

Sorry for bumping it, but I think my suggestion is important.
Also such module should be able to copy hardware’s firmware and send it to Valkyrie/VirusTotal on demand.
If CIS won’t have it, let although Comodo Rescue Disk or Cleaning Essentials have it.