COMODO Firewall's "Protected Objects" and Controlled Folder Access?

Hey There,

On 2 of my Windows 10 devices, I have Kaspersky Security Cloud Free + COMODO Firewall (CruelSister Configuration). Having Kaspersky blocks me from using Controlled Folder Access (CFA), and I really like CFA and the “Protected Folders” business that Bitdefender has.

I noticed that in COMODO’s Firewall (and all other products) there’s a “Protected Objects” feature. I read all the guides and self-help articles, but I’m still confused as to if it acts the same as Window’s CFA or Bitdefender’s Protected Folders? (Same as in if ransomware gets executed, those particular folders in the Protected Objects category won’t get encrypted). Or am I missing something?

I don’t keep very much on my system (I just throw it in Google Drive or OneDrive and keep them away and unlinked from the system since ransomware can encrypt it as well), but very seldom I keep some documents and pictures locally for a short amount of time. Thus, as I’m no security wizard, I ask.

Thank you.

Only if you have HIPS enabled as it only applies to HIPS hence it is found under the HIPS setting section. When running applications in containment as fully virtualized, then all files/folders and the registry is protected from modification as all changes happen in the container.