Comodo Firewall

Just a little question. I am using Comodo Firewall for years now and it is a very good one. Only I want to know if there is also a keylogger detection in this firewall, like Online Armour has. I cannot find it anywhere.

Take care…Ed.

Defense + is capable of detecting keyboard access. But there is no keylogger detection module if that is what you mean.

Yes, I indeed meant a keylogger detection. Maybe an idea for the future? Thanks for the quick response…

Not anytime soon I guess. You can add this as a wish in the Wishlist - CIS board.

I am sorry, but when I click the link to the board, I get this:

Sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist.
Please check the URL and try again, or use the links and search above to navigate our forums.

I would like to post the suggestion to add a keylogger detection.

Have edited link it is now working please try again.