COMODO Firewall

Product Version 3.5.57173.439

The configuration tab gives me 6 options to choose from they are :

Optimum - security
Network - security
Internet - security
Proactive - security
Antivirus - security
Firewall - security

At the moment I have Optimum - security enabled . I would like to know what each of these modules do then I will be able to judge which what module suits my needs the best . After COMODO updated I lost the ability to run a manual scan . Is this because of the module I have selected ? I started using COMODO because I liked the HIPS feature and now it seems to be absent . I would like the ability to run a manual scan again . Host Intrusion Prevention Software like the one that came with COMODO firewall when I downloaded the program was the determining factor and the reason I decided to use your product . Thanks for your time .

See this guide, by me ;D, about configs:;msg216056#msg216056

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Also you can go to the Miscellaneous Tab click on help.
In help select Miscellaneous Overview/Manage My Configurations this explains the last four.
Screenshot below.
The other two can be found by using search tab in the help file.

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Thanks for the quick response . Now I understand the configuration tab . Let’s work on pointing me in the direction of the HIPS feature which was my main concern .

So on the top menu bar in the CIS window, you don’t see a “DEFENSE+” button?

If so, the option to include D+ is in the installer when you install. So you may need to reinstall CIS, then make sure you check anything that may be something like D+ (sorry, I can’t remember what it was called).

Yes the Defense + button is visible and active . However the scanning option is gone . I don’t have a problem reinstalling COMODO provided the issue I’m having will be resolved . Does COMODO have a server that I can upload jpeg files . Thanks again .

There is a misunderstanding you can’t scan with HIPS=D+.
Hips is not a signature based system. HIPS is behavioral protection.
New or altered processes, accessing resources are blocked/alerted.

HIPS is THE first line of defense. The best and most bulletproof type
of protection available.

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PS. A fresh install would probably be in order as you show config options
that are like a mashup of old and new.
Also if you reinstall you could add the antivirus module then you would
have something to scan for viruses malware.


D+ used to have a option to scan, but since they integrated the AV into CIS they took it out. But for people who don’t install the AV part, it seems like it would be a good idea to have the scanning option.

That makes sense now . I didn’t realize they took the scanning feature out . I’ll look for a HIPS program . I use to use Diamond Process Guard . Not sure if Diamond Process Guard will conflict with COMODO .Too bad because I thought the HIPS feature that COMODO had was one of the better HIPS modules around . Thanks again .

Defense+ is HIPS…

So I’ll bite, what are you guys talking about? scanning? for what?


A fresh install would probably be in order as you show config options
that are like a mashup of old and new.


Like Bad Frogger said, D+ is an HIPS and it is one of the better ones (well, for people who know almost nothing about computers it may not be a great choice).

Scanning has nothing to do with HIPS. HIPS = monitors system and give alerts about possibly suspicious actions. Anti-Virus = scans system to find files on its blacklist then tries to remove them; this is not as secure as a HIPS.

So you see, scanning never had anything to do with D+, which is a HIPS. I understand why they took it out of the D+ section, and put it in the AV section.

Thanks for all the help . I don’t need the AntiVirus module active which I now realize was active under the Defense + tab . It would be clever if the next update came with an explanation of the changes that are being made . I just updated another computer that had COMODO installed . I watched the interface change .

Bad Frogger do you see something that I’m not aware of . I don’t recall posting my config anywhere !
Now all I need to figure out is how you added those hotlinks in the signature section without the whole url showing . Thanks for the additional options tip btw .

If you go Here it explains how to add hotlinks without the whole url showing.

What I was getting at was you have six options on config tab.

Optimum - security
Network - security
Internet - security
Proactive - security
Antivirus - security
Firewall - security

Where I have four on fresh complete install of CIS.

Internet Security
Proactive Security
Antivirus Security
Firewall Security

Which leads me to believe you have a mash up of old and new config options.
Legacy options due to update rather than complete fresh install?
Potential problems? I don’t know I was just making the observation.