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I really like the way Comodo Firewall looks and most of the features, But I am now using Kerio Firewall a real good firewall at that. Why? I just don’t trust Comodo. I found out that every time you put your messages in the launch pad I got a notice from my sp2 security center your firewall is off. Sure enough Comodo was off. Comodo said restart computer to fix . I will wait until Comodo get’s the picture. People like your stuff but not what you are doing. If you want to grow let you products do the talking not your CEO. You got great stuff, but you are killing it.



That news item that changed, only changed twice since launch!
I am sorry that there was an issue with CPF when updating the news. Its the first time I am hearing about it. I doubt very much the news has crashed because it had my name on it. I think any text would have done it but I will ask my developers nevertheless :wink:

Joke aside, Can you help us identify the issue so that when news change you don’t have this problem again.

I am trying to create a company that is totally visible, accessible, responsive to its users and have a responsible business model! And I know no other way but to lead by example!

I am sorry if my forthrightness, openness and accessibility has offended you! I only meant well for all involved!



There is no correspondence between news update and the firewall’s operations. There must be some other causes for the issue you see.

If you provide us the details, we can understand what is happening.


The issue of your FW causing antivirus problems is not new!

Comodo FW recently crashed and corrupted my antivirus in that they share files. The outward sign was that the Windows Security Center kept alerting me that the AV was not recognized. The antivirus was running fine.

REinstalling Comodo made no difference. I had to uninstall Comodo, repair the shared files for the AV (my antivirus has a “repair” option), and then restore to the pre-Comodo FW date.
I did not put Comodo back on my system. I am using Sygate which works flawlessly even though it is no longer in development.

I truly like the Comodo FW but it does need some work. I can do without the news thing…it serves no purpose.

What Sunblet really needs to develop is an antispyware program similar to MS Anti-Spy. That would create a Comodo “suite”. Now your talking!


I don’t think anyone was mentioning Firewall and AV problem here. The original poster only complained about the Firewall.

I think we are talking cross purposes :slight_smile:

When it comes to that news thing serving no purpose: Let me show you some stats in a graphical form (btw: these are forum stats you can obtain by looking at the forum stats below on the main forum page). Please check the graphic attached! You will see the affect of changing the text, yes amazing isn’t it! it almost doubled the number of people who signed up for the forum! So, is it important to get awarness about what we are doing, thru this news item, so that more people come and help and take part in these forums and help Comodo? you bet! Is it important for people to take part in the way Comodo products developed so that they can help improve it? you bet! And simply using the news section as means to communicate with some of the user and get them to take part in the Comodo community will help Comodo and every Comodo product user!

I would like to see us all think as a community and see what benefits the community!


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What is your AV? And what sort of crash did you observe?

i think now comodo will think to create a comodo total security :slight_smile: that will be amazing :BNC and i somebody who works in comodo message me your skype if i will see error or not founded virus to send you ok :BNC

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