comodo firewall

A greeting, I have just registered me in these forums. Without doubt a good one seems firewall comodo. Although I mejoraria the following points:

  • have other languages Spanish languages.
  • rules in these forums for different programs, explorer, firefox thumderbird. (that could descend and to install easily).
  • creator of rules that carries the firewall, (they are very generics). .
  • The card index logs to rgive but informacion ports etc.
  • ::)That the firewall have the opcion to keep the rules of configuration created by the user for in case of reinstalling of the operating system could be reinstalled.

A greeting, thanked by their work, without doubt comodo to be a good one firewall with the time.

                                       bit ;D


Welcome to the forum, bit.

Foreign language versions are being discussed, Spanish being the first that was raised.

Excellent idea about being able to export all settings to enable faster setup on reinstallation. That’s given me an idea for the wishlist - “push” install of config changes across the internal lan.

Again, welcome to the forum.

ewen :slight_smile: