Comodo Firewall Won't Install

I have been trying to install Comodo Firewall on a Win XP SP3 computer. Every time, as soon as I click on the icon, I get a “7-zip data error” and it won’t install. I have uninstalled 7-zip, reinstalled it and uninstalled it again. All to no avail. I cannot install this program, which I use on all my PCs. I think it’s a bug, but I am really not sure. I have never seen this before, and I have 7-Zip installed on all my other PCs.
Thanks for any help!!

Hi shneor,
This is possibly due to a corrupted installer file, maybe from a connection drop during download but reasons unknown.
Try re-downloading the installer file and try again.
Hope that solves the issue.

Comodo Firewall download here.

I downloaded a fresh copy. It began to install but has been hung up on 4% “installing comodo dragon” for the last 10 minutes. I am now cancelling. Never had any problems like this for years with this product…

Hi again shneor,
When downloading the file, are you choosing save and executing after download in preference to running direct?

Can you temporarily uninstall 7zip and try installing again? That way we will know if there is an adverse interaction happening between CIS and 7zip.

I did exactly that. The sanme thing happened. After half an hour of zero disk activity, I cancelled the install. This time, I was left with a Comodo Dragon icon on my desktop, and an entry in add/remove programs. Hoowever, when I tried to uninstall, I got a message that it had already been uninstalled. I’m not sure what Comodo Dragon is, I don’t need it, all I want is the firewall. Is there some way I could get just the firewall and see if it installs?

Comodo Dragon is a Chromium browser made by Comodo.

It’s possible then that this isn’t caused by 7-Zip, although I’m sure others will correct me if I’m wrong.

You may want to try reinstalling Comodo by following all relevant steps in this article.

I see someone else is having similar issues to me with the 7-Zip Data error, The issue im having comes up with the same thing 7-Zip Data error and i dont even have 7Zip installed this is a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium, I have downloaded your Antivirus direct from your site and from Cnet and still get this problem, I dont want to look elseware for an antivirus because i have been informed your product works well as a friend of mine uses it

Hi and welcome Daley10,
Try downloading the installer again in case it is corrupt in some way.
Before downloading, clear your browser data or try another browser to download.
Downloads found in the opening post of the topic in the link below.
COMODO Internet Security 6.3.294583.2937 Released!