Comodo Firewall with Kaspersky Internet Security(Kaspersky firewall disabled)

Is it safe to use Comodo Firewall (version 5.3.17)with Kaspersky Internet Security (version 2011) (Kaspersky’s firewall is disabled)?
[ Kaspersky is installed 1st then Comodo, as if I don’t (means if they are installed in reverse order comodo ist then kaspersky) then Comodo Firewall just ask that is avp.exe(kaspersky) safe?..then every thing is handled by kaspersky, means comodo treats kaspersky as a trusted executable & all the web traffic is scanned by kaspersky not by comodo firewall. ]

The firewall only scans network traffic, avp.exe is the antivirus. When avp goes to the net to get updates, CIS asks if this application is OK to use the net. It does not mean that avp then is responsible for scanning network traffic.

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Why dont you install KAV with CF?

If you have two FWs installed it means both their drivers will be on your PC. It doesn’t matter if one or the other is disabled; there will be a duplication and sooner or later you will have a serious problem.

The only FW that can stay in the machine and only disabled is Windows own.

As far as I know avp.exe scans all the traffic in an adapter if kaspersky anti virus NDIS filter is checked,
though it can’t be unchecked(as it may bring some serious problem to the os).
But if comodo FW is installed after kaspersky the cfp.exe filters the web traffic before kaspersky,
Any way I use Kaspersky Pure & Comodo FW both & I tried them in possible combination & I get the result that if Comodo FW is installed earlier than Kaspersky Pure/Internet Security, then Comodo FW just alert me just for the avp.exe Though Comodo FW is set to custom policy mode means it should warn me when ever single app try to connect the internet but it didn’t. But if I use Comodo FW after Kaspersky, then it works fine, then I can block or allow every single app. Anyway I modify the Kaspersky Pure & I uninstalled its firewall & application control. I think they are now compatible with each other.

I use Kaspersky Pure instead of Kaspersky Anti Virus as I get some additional features i.e parental control, password manager, backup utility & data encryption in a single app.

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And why did you need Firewall at all? PURE is complet protection!

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Both Kaskpersky Pure and comodo firewall have HIPS (in Kaskpersky it would be integrated within IS and comodo firewall it would be Defense+). I don’t know how to disable Kaskpersky’s HIPS.

You have to choose what Security software you want. Kaspersky or Comodo but I suggest you take Kaskpersky so that the $ you paid wasn’t for nothing ( If I am not wrong it costs for about 80$, in euros that would be same price for about).

You can also choose to keep comodo then you will need integrate AV component (go where you uninstall you programs through Windows Control panel and then select Change and mark AV and firewall)

In order for you to have what Kaspersky Pure has you will need to download Comodo back up and Comodo Disk Encryptor.

Valentin N

Thanks for your suggestion. But now I got the idea how to run both of this software at a time.
I love both of these software, so I was not ready to uninstall any of these.
1st of all I uninstalled both, then install Kaspersky Pure (in custom install mode, with out the firewall & application control) then I install Comodo Internet Security (with out the av).
Now both of them are doing their job superbly.
Don’t think my system is slow due to these software, it’s really fast & as I am using these for near about 4 months with out any error, I can say that they are compatible with each other.

sorry for bad English.